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After hearing about resveratrol in the news, I decided to give it a try. I wanted to try an Australian product so a friend recommended LiXiR. I can honestly say I feel great. I don't know what it is or how it works but I have more energy and generally feel better. I will continue to order LiXiR. - Maxine, 62, QLD I’d been feeling unwell for a while and my friend told me about LiXiR. I started  taking 1 capsule of LiXiR a day and I've since noticed a marked improvement in my health. - Louisa, 50, VIC
Dr David Sinclair discusses ageing at TEDMED
LiXiR is Scientifically Tested
Why the 60 Minutes Report by Liam Bartlett is so important to us. It was this work by Dr David Sinclair, and this scientific discovery of the potency and effects of resveratrol, that really drove the work we have done with LiXiR®, and we feel that it is more meaningful that you receive information about the science behind LiXiR® from a variety of sources, rather than from us alone.
LiXiR resveratrol on TV in the USA

LiXiR® has found an incredible way to

address a problem that all of us face;

the problem of ageing…

Are you aware that ageing is largely caused by accumulated cell damage within our bodies? You can see the effects of ageing most easily in the way that our skin changes as we get older. Our cells renew themselves regularly, but if our DNA is damaged, then copying errors occur and the result is that cells become broken down. This causes not only a reduction in life span, but can also cause lowered energy levels and a reduction of the quality of life.  The exciting news is, that due to new science, there is now a supplement available that can help us address the problem of ageing.  LiXiR® is a new, scientific supplement that has its origins in the work of Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University. It was Dr. Sinclair who first discovered the powerful anti- ageing effects of Resveratrol. 

In scientific studies, Resveratrol supplements were

found to extend life by up to 30%, without other

dietary or activity changes! That is simply amazing!

LiXiR® combines natural, 98% pure, trans or 'active' Resveratrol with concentrated red grape skin extract into a super supplement capsule.  In Australia where LiXiR® is manufactured, it is registered as a medicine on the Therapeutic Goods Register.  This is a very important point, as many other new products that include Resveratrol have never been tested independently, nor have their benefit claims been verified… Now, we've all heard about the anti-oxidant health benefits of red wine.

The red grape skin extract in LiXiR® is harvested and

concentrated through a patented process to multiply

its anti-oxidant properties by up to 1000 times,

compared to those found in red wine. 

Wow! The unique combination of 98% pure, natural trans Resveratrol, coupled with the concentrated red grape skin extract in LiXiR, makes it a powerful ally to help defeat the ageing process and also enables your body to stop DNA cellular damage in its tracks and further slow down those ageing effects. The result of this is potentially quite remarkable - creating more energy, longer life, and most importantly, a better quality of life.

Who among us can put a value on a better quality of

life? Surely this is a result we all want to achieve!

It has been long understood that our bodies have the ability to live and stay healthy for much longer than they do on average. Just think of the famous examples that we all have heard of, where people live active healthy lives well into their 90's. LiXiR® is the scientific supplement that can help unlock that ability.

Try LiXiR for yourself. We think that you will find this

powerful supplement a true breakthrough in the

science of health and ageing, so be sure to get yours


The following Article (edited) was produced by the Australian team of 60 Minutes, talking with Dr David sinclair about his profound medical discovery in 2008. We have worked tirelessly since then to bring you the benefit of this great work. Forever Young 3/10/2008 3:24:00 PM, by Liam Bartlett So, here we are, sitting on the back deck of a gorgeous Boston home while a brilliant young scientist, on the cusp of becoming Australia’s most famous doctor since Florey, wrestles with a typically oversized American barby and slaps more sauce on the sizzling racks of Kangaroo ribs. David Sinclair is just 38 years old with a charismatic personality, boyish good looks and shares in a biotech company that’s recently been sold for almost $800 million. On top of that, he has a beautiful wife (who is also super-smart) and three lovely kids. David is the Harvard Medical School researcher who has spearheaded the research on Resveratrol, the seemingly magic molecule which is found in the skin of red grapes. It was his mice that showed enormous health benefits and consequently a much longer life span, when they were fed a steady diet of it. David went into great detail explaining to us that all the science is based on the only proven way to slow ageing (which interestingly has been known about since the 1930’s) and that is calorie-restriction, or CR. In rough terms, if you reduce calories by about 30%, your life span can be extended by about the same amount. In Okinawa (we found evidence for this). The locals there have been essentially living a ‘CR’ lifestyle for generations and the result is more centenarians per capita than any other place on earth. We met a beautiful lady called Chiyoko Asato who, at 110, is one of the oldest on the island (and the world for that matter!). She was sprightly and happy with lovely skin and a fabulous laugh that reflected a wonderful spirit. And in true Japanese fashion, she was insistent we polished off all the tea and juice and biscuits that she could muster. I left her home thinking if David Sinclair could guarantee my 110th year to be that good, he will truly be creating a medical miracle. Let’s face it, when most of us say we don’t particularly want to grow old, what we really mean is we don’t want to become decrepit. It’s the quality of life argument that resonates the loudest and that is the one constant that was mentioned by everyone we met. Some took a simple, sensible path through hard physical exercise and healthy eating while others were prepared to try more risky methods like hormone replacement keep old father time away from the door. David Sinclair struck me as a very conservative, no-nonsense, evidence- based scientist. And when he says he is confident his drug will deliver at least another 10 to 15 years of robust health, you can’t help but be excited at the potential.
Dr Joseph Maroon, Author ‘The Longevity Factor’
The ORAC rating of LiXiR® (Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity) has been shown in laboratory testing to be superior to Noni, Xango, Goji and Acai Berry. These studies were undertaken by Brunswick Labs and the comparison is shown below. Brunswick Labororatories are used by the US Department of Agriculture for regular product testing. LiXiR® combines 98% Pure Trans Resveratrol with Australian Red Grape Skin Extract.
LiXiR - The Scientific Supplement
The Scientific Supplement
“The concentrated anti-oxidant power of grape skin extract & resveratrol, in capsules.”
to boost energy & slow ageing
helps prevent cell damage
scientifically tested